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Discovering SPANISH Together

Modern Spanish is the only Spanish school in Hong Kong offering courses in Spanish to different age groups

Modern Spanish is an Exclusive Spanish Language School in Hong Kong that offers Spanish teaching and tutoring to individuals as a second language, with teaching facilities catering to all ages and levels of experience.

Modern Spanish is equipped with Native Spanish Tutors, modern classrooms and benefitting from a very convenient location, in the heart of Causeway Bay, offering classes ranging from Beginner to Advance Business Spanish. The Founder, a HKU Spanish Graduate and Hong Kong Business woman, identified an increasing demand for Spanish as a 3rd language, where children are being taught Spanish in an attempt to set themselves apart from the crowd in an ever evolving environment.

Education concept: schoolboy learn multilanguage at class

Modern Spanish is currently proud to be the only school in Hong Kong to offer as part of its wide curriculum base, preparatory courses in Spanish under the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education., the first of its kind. We offer an introductory study plan and course schedule to best prepare students wishing to go on and Study Spanish as a secondary language in HKDSE. With an increased focus on this development, we can clearly see in the choice made by the HK Education Board to offer Spanish, it is playing an ever increasingly important role in today’s educational landscape.

Learning a second language at an early age has been proven to improve the entry eligibility for children in both competitive places for schools and employment. Entries into exclusive positions are now based on what children can demonstrate over and above the expected. With English and Chinese no longer being an advantage but the benchmark, Spanish has filled the requirement to broaden the child’s language ability.

Spanish in today’s market place is also increasingly attractive for adult learners.  Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language on the planet after English & Chinese. There are many obvious commercial and business advantages to learning Spanish, whether it is the ability to gain an edge over colleagues for that all important promotion or for effective business communication with your clients and suppliers in any of the Spanish Speaking countries, then Modern Spanish will provide you with everything you need to succeed and achieve your goals in a professional and friendly environment.